Return Policy

You (the customer) may cancel your order for services by ST Freight, LLC at any time before the work is performed. You may cancel your service request via fax or via email. If you cancel services more than 24 hours before your order has been picked up, you are entitled to and will receive a prompt 100% refund less a 5% transaction fee. If your order is cancelled within 24 hours of when service is to be done, there will be a $250.00 Truck Ordered Not Used fee deducted from your refund.

However, once any of the work is performed or services are rendered by ST Freight, LLC, you are liable for full payment of the entire invoice amount. Any upfront fees will not be refunded. You are liable for all work performed and services rendered at our agreed upon rate, as it stands at the time of service. No refunds will be given, under any circumstances, for any of our services that have been completed.